Each of the requirement in becoming a Registered ACTA Ambassador are listed on your Acceptance Email. You’re required to complete two steps.

  1. Register for our ambassador portal (https://kora.growsumo.com)
  2. Own a piece of ACTA apparel 

We ask for requirement two for when your friends and family ask questions about the brand, sizing, or apparel you’re able to authentically represent us. In order to make the purchase more affordable for you - we give you a 30% off lifetime discount as an ambassador of our brand. 

  • Both steps must be completed in order to become a registered ambassador. As soon as you complete both steps, our ambassador database will automatically update your ambassador portal and will then send you your personal promo code & referral link..
  • You will receive a confirmation email containing your personal ACTA promo code (15% off) & referral link to share with family and friends.
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